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1、只管去做。(Just do it)

2、99%的决策,都可以更改。(99% of decisions aren't permanent)

3、招人要慎重,解雇要快速。(Be slow to hire and quick to fire)

4、工作成效必须有评估。(Measure what you manage)

5、客户比竞争对手更重要。(Competition isn't as important as the customer)

6、95%的创业公司不应该融资。(95% of startups shouldn't raise money)

7、加入创业者团体。(Join a startup peer group)

8、快速增长带来的最大挑战,就是如何让每个员工找到合适自己的位置。(The biggest challenge with growth is keeping everyone aligned)

9、价格战走不远,客户服务才是根本。(Price differentiation doesn't last long but customer service does)

10、成功的最重要因素,就是选对了时机。(Market timing is the most important factor for homeruns)

11、让客户成为你的销售员。(Empower customers to help sell new customers)

12、为你的团队创造最好的工作环境。(Create the best environment you can for your team)

13、与其乱猜答案,不如提出正确的问题。(Asking good questions is more important than guessing the answer)

14、建立各种人际关系,日后会帮到你。(Build relationships before you need them)

15、开始谈判前,就做好不成功的准备。(Always consider the best alternative outcome before beginning a negotiation)

16、在经营外部业务和管理内部运作之间,正确分配时间。(Consciously balance time working in the business vs working on the business)

17、你只有一次机会,得到他人对你的第一印象。(You only get one first impression)

18、你一开始做的事情,可能不是最终让你成功的事情。(What you start out doing isn't likely where you'll find success)

19、搞对公司文化,一切就会井然有序。(Get the corporate culture right and everything will fall into place)

20、不要去想将来如何退出,这就是最佳退出战略。(The best exit strategy is to not need one)

21、网站最大的敌人,就是浏览器的“后退”按钮。(The biggest enemy of websites is the browser Back button)

22、经常性收入是收入的最好形式。(Recurring revenue is the best form of revenue)

23、不要过河拆桥,世界很小,你会有报应的。(Don't burn any bridges as it is a small world)

24、建立一个针对性很强的品牌,然后围绕它把各方面都做好。(Build a niche brand and curate all aspects of it)

25、创业公司的循环往复,是健康的迹象。(Pivoting and iterating is healthy in a startup)

26、永远要求供货商提供折扣价。(Always ask for a discount)

27、不要以为,天底下只有你想到了这个主意。(Your idea isn't unique)

28、与他人分享创意,会让你得到意料之外的好处。(Sharing your idea with others will lead to benefits you can't predict)

29、越简单越好。(Keep it as simple as possible)

30、人们认同公司,甚于认同产品。(People identify with companies more so than products)

31、花钱请专业人员(律师、会计师等)一次把事情做对,是值得的。(It's worth paying a professional (lawyer, accountant, etc) to do it right the first time)

32、制定一个目标,然后习惯于你得到的决策信息永远在变。(Set goals and adapt to changing information)

33、讲故事是最有力的推销手段。(Storytelling is more powerful than marketing)

34、大多数创业公司,最初为自己的产品定价时,都定得太低。(Most startups initially price their product/service too low)

35、一定要有思考的时间。(Make time to think)

36、关注公司的节奏、统计数据和优先任务。(Focus on rhythm, data, and priorities)

37、不要把你的业务说成全新模式,而要用传统行业的例子描述。(Develop offline analogies to describe your startup)

38、开公司不仅仅是为了钱。(Companies aren't just about profits)

39、即使小小的胜利,也值得庆祝。(Celebrate the small victories)

40、你要扬长避短。(Play to your strengths)

41、不要被用户的意见左右。(Be opinionated about your product when considering customer suggestions)

42、知道自己的特点何在,然后清晰地表达出来。(Know why you're different and clearly articulate it)

43、不要闭门造车。(Don't develop products in a vacuum)

44、与雇员、客户、投资者和社区,保持经常性的沟通。(Regularly communicate with employees, customers, investors, and the community)

45、所有对你至关重要的人,你都要保持良好关系。(Remove friction for all stakeholders)

46、找不到决策依据,人们会自行编造。(Absent information people make up reasons)

47、人的精力有限,同一时间最多只能干三件事。(It is difficult to concentrate on more than three things at any one time)

48、你雇到什么人,决定了一切。(Employees are the most important stakeholder)

49、没有完美无缺的计划。(No plan is perfect)

50、是你“玩”创业,而不是创业“玩”你。(Consume the startup but don't let it consume you)

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